INTRECCIATO LAMBSKIN STITCHED BAG - what sizes and colors does it come in?

  1. how many sizes does the INTRECCIATO LAMBSKIN STITCHED BAG come in? and what colors does in come in?

    thank you all!
  2. sorry forgot to add a picture of the bag i'm talking about
  3. Some members here seem to know all those details. If they don't post, you can always call a BV store and they will tell you. Pretty bag, isn't it?!
  4. Not too sure about this bag. Like what boxermom suggested, call a store or email Ana from the BV website. Do report back what you find out! ;)
  5. I saw the limo one IRL, it's pretty small actually, definitely more of a handbag than a shoulder bag.
    As for colors, theoretically, BV bags can come in any of their existing colors -- you just have to special order it. The price is the original price of the style plus 30 percent. A SA told me that since it's still pretty early in the season, BV has extra leather of most (if not all) colors.
  6. That's very informative, chiaoapple. I learn so much here. The regular prices are pretty high; adding a 30% surcharge for a special order would definitely put a bag out of my range. If there was a color I adored but the bag didn't come in it, it would be so nice to get your perfect bag.
  7. I had this bag before, but it was defective so I changed it. When I was at the boutique, they only had it in white or in limo with dark brown patent stitching.