Interniary or do whatever strikes you?

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  1. Which do you prefer when you travel? Having a plan or just coming and going to various attractions as you please?

    I like to have a plan. I have our entire Italy trip mapped out.
  2. it really depends on the location. when i go to las vegas, it's more of a go with the flow. when i go to tokyo, i always have to have an itinerary.

    so i guess if it is an international destination, i would prefer to have an itinerary.
  3. Im going to NY and I have an itinerary...because I want to visit the jewels of the city...
  4. I like to have sort of a loose itinerary. I make a list of things to do, and then prioritize it/fill in the blanks/scratch things off when I get there. I don't like to be completely scheduled, but I also don't like to forget something I really wanted to see and then regret not doing it.

    My international itinerary would be more extensive and detailed than when I'm staying in the US.
  5. It actually depends. Sometimes when it's my first time in that area, I PLAN PLAN PLAN! I have a whole schedule planned out, I research restaurants & neighborhoods, if I am planning to ride the bus all day around the city, I try to "study" the routes and its schedule, etc. I usually plan a trip at least 2 months in advance to give me enough time to get everything sorted out. I even keep a little folder to organize the whole trip! Sometimes, a spontaneous trip is good once in awhile! And I agree with caley, if I was going to LV, I would go with the flow
  6. no schedule, unless i'm traveling for work or somewhere with tons of museums/historical landmarks that i HAVE to hit (i was an art history major, so this is big for me).

    the majority of my trips have not been planned out and worked out great.
  7. agreed!:tup:
    Although, I have had more than one spontaneous vacations, where we bought plane tix in the am and were in the air by the pm! no time to plan for those kinda trips! but who cares?:yahoo:
  8. Spontaneous/in country vacations have no plans. But the ones where I think "I may never see this again" I plan plan plan! I'm leaving for London in 32 days....I'm starting to put my itinerary together now!
  9. When I lived in SoCal all my East Coast relatives and friends who couldn't be bothered to visit me when I lived in NC all suddenly had to come see me, LOL. I found that we all got a lot more out of the visits if I planned out a loose itinerary--a Plan A and Plan B for each day.

    If I'm going somewhere that isn't very familiar I like to plan ahead of time so no time is wasted wondering what to do.
  10. I definitely need an itinerary or else I'll feel like I won't be able to see everything and miss out on stuff. I'd be more inclined to go with the flow if I had say like...a month to spend in one city!
  11. Oh I am a stickler for planning, I always have an itinerary!
  12. Same here!
  13. I :heart: love planning vacations!! It's one of my favorite things to do. For every trip I have a travel "folder" (how pathetic right?) where I put all of our travel info: where to eat, what to do, times if we've scheduled anything.
    I also have a word document with check boxes so that I know what to pack...and I add little extra things for each trip (cow girl boots for montana, and snorkel stuff for Mexico!).
    I really like to maximize my time in a place and i like to try to see everything and do the best things in that given place.
  14. I know some people who have every second of their days planned out. Personally I like to pick one thing a day that I have to do, and can focus on, and then sort of fill in the blanks. Also depends on the length of my trip and where I am going - I might be a little more structured if it is a place I have never been than a place I have been to repeatedly
  15. :yes:

    I generally have a list of things to do/ see, and I group them up by geographic area, so I don't forget, and have to waste time going all the way back some place to visit some place etc.

    But I don't plan every last minute, cos sometimes I just want to sit and chill in lil coffee places that catch my eye, and I don't like the feeling of being pressure to DO everything.