International Hotness ! Something For Everyone !

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    First up is Won Bin, an award-winning Korean actor with whom I fell in love after watching one of his Korean telenovelas. You can’t beat the combination of boyish cuteness and a killer body. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]German-Egyptian Mido Hamada co-starred in The Path to 9/11 on ABC.
    Yehuda Levi stars primarily in Israeli telenovelas, but you may have seen him in the film Yossi and Jagger.

    [​IMG]And, finally, who can forget Rodrigo Santoro in Love Actually? He makes me wish I knew Portuguese and had better access to Brazilian moviesmovies.

    Hope you found someone to like in here, :heart:
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  3. OHHH. I really love the Korean guy! YUMMY!
  4. Hmm.. i don't think that's won bin..i think that's a Japanese actor called Takeshi something something. here is won bin instead :smile:

  5. Oh thanks Prada! Really nice eye candy! I really like Mida Hamada, and Yehuda Levi! Those are some very cute guys!
  6. Oh YUM YUM! I love Asian guys.
  7. yes that's Takashi Kaneshiro :love:! i love him, especially in House of Flying Daggers with Zhang Ziyi:tender:
  8. oh the asian boys..:drool: ..thanks for sharing..
  9. Takashi is hot. Isn't Takashi gay?
  10. humminah humminah humminah!!
  11. I don't care if he's gay! he's awfully sexy either way!!!

    Rodrigo in Love Actually was just beautiful!!! My best friend and I were watching this movie together and whenever his face showed up onto the screen, we both :love: :love: :love:
  12. Omgggg... I love him!! :love: He's a Japanese-Chinese actor/model. He's not Won Bin.
  13. I LOVEEEEE Takashi Kaneshiro!!! Super gorgeous!!!
  14. Japanese-Taiwanese actually :love:
  15. Rodrigo Santoro .. the boy is mine :drool: :drool: LOL