intermix betty chain totes half off

  1. Hello all,

    I am new to the site, just joined yesterday when I was doing research on the Betty large satchel that I just bought for half off at BG. I just noticed that intermix put some more chloe bags half off. They just added two Betty chain totes at $899, which is a steal. I almost bought the red one, but stopped myself. I need to enjoy the one I just bought first!:supacool:

    Anyway, let me know if anyone on this forum buys them!
  2. Hey ltbag! Welcome to PF! :heart:

    I visited one of the Intermix stores here in NYC this weekend, and saw those lovely chain bettys on sale.... love that bag! They also had some sale paddies in the store too, that aren't on the website.

    You should post pictures of your new Betty so everyone can admire it!

  3. Wait KMSNYC you can't throw out this information and not give more details :graucho: .

    Which Paddies are on sale? What color? What price?????????:nuts:
  4. I will post pictures of my new betty as soon as I get a chance! I live in nyc and the intermix stores have a pretty good selection of the chain bettys on sale. The website just put up a couple as well that were not there a couple of days ago for all the non-nyc folks.
  5. what was I thinking? :shame:

    I know they had a light gray hobo(mousse or gris vert, not sure which because I didn't look at the tag).When I say "hobo" I mean the shoulder bag style; calls this style the hobo.
    They also had a gorgeous tall paddy satchel in what looked to me like a light flesh color. Again, I didn't check the tag for the color name, but it was peachier than ivory, though not peach at all, if that makes sense.

    They might have had a couple of others. I am so sorry I didn't pay closer attention! I was there to buy my tracy, happily browsing the sale paddies, waiting for my tracy when the gal came out and told me it was gone, and then I forgot all about the paddies. So sorry!
    Call the stores and ask what they have in stock! The store I visited was the one on Madison Ave in NYC.
  6. Hum. I called Madison store earlier and they said no paddys.....lots of Bettys though.
  7. What? As of yesterday afternoon, there were at least two! I can't believe they sold them both in less than 24 hours...??
    This was the store on Madison between 77/78th.
  8. KMSNYC,Thank goodness I didn't see your post on Fri before I got on the plane. I was blocks of the store for a couple of days but, I was with my boyfriend who is NOT very compassionate about my addiction to Chloe. Can you imagine if I had been aware of the Intermix sale and unable to sneak out of the hotel for a fix? I would have been jonesing bad!!!!:nuts:
  9. I just called as well. No more Paddies. They have some Bettys left, including a small blue Betty for $819 which I just bought from an eBay seller for $875! :cursing::cursing: Don'tcha hate that?