interior color of Clutch in Black Caviar.....

  1. What is the color of the interior in a black caviar clutch? I am not sure if it black or red. Thank you.
  2. I made you a new thread as the other one was almost 2 yrs old.
    Mine is black inside:
  3. Mine is black leather interior.
  4. not sure if this is true for caviar also, but my lambskin clutchs are deep brownish red and black.
  5. I read somewhere else that the older black lambskin timeless clutches had burgundy lining, while the caviar had black lining.
  6. I'm pretty sure lamb's lining is a different color than caviar's. But I think she's asking about caviar specifically.
  7. Mine is lambskin. The lining is black.
  8. :yes:
  9. Mine is caviar leather and has a black lining...