Interesting Dooney Find at Marshalls

  1. I know that Dooney does a special run of bags for the Home Shopping Network which is why we can still find pink and purple IT bags. I had no idea they were doing other designs until today.

    I found a tattoo bag in mint green for $159. It's a medium drawstring and it's definitely the real thing. I'm blown away. I have the tattoo barrel and love it like crazy but this...this is like finding the holy grail. I wonder if it was a design sample, like the bumble bee on the turquoise background or the candy on the Pepto pink background that I found at their outlet in Woodbury Common. Did I accidentally go shopping in the Twilight Zone or am I really, really lucky?
  2. You're lucky!!
  3. Lucky.
  4. You're lucky....and can we see some pics? Green is my favorite color, I'd love to see your new find.
  5. Very lucky. It's like finding the "it" pattern on a yellow background (another design sample that didn't make production but there are some out there)
  6. Congrats! please share some pictures!
  7. i find older styles and the strange colors at marshalls. i hope you bought that! you can always return later if you change your mind