Interesting bit of info ....

  1. I am sure most of you know this .. but I went to Bloomies, Saks and the TWO Chanel stores in NYC and they had nothing new ... my SA at Bloomies told me that the fall line would not be in until mid August.

    Well, on Sunday I drove to Short Hills and boy did I find the look book and ALL the new fall (not PRE FALL) bags .. I grabbed a dark brown flap with a croc texture and the stiched chain .... GORGEOUS.

    The SA there told me that sometimes Neiman and Bergdorfs (same owners) actually get BETTER stuff than even the Chanel boutiques ... I found that kind of hard to believe but who knows? I mean Chanel in HK was MONTHS behind Paris and New York, so maybe New York is not as current either?

    In any case, Saks and Bloomies very rarely will order or get the more expensive "exclusive bags" ... someone actually picks them. I went to buy a white classic flap with the modern chain and neither store ordered it!! I finally got it at Bergdorfs...

    Why the disparity? Is it the clientele???
  2. I think it's the volume of sales they expect to have. Bloomies on 59th st is a much smaller store. They probably get the ones that are most saleable. Stores like Bergdorf and Neimans are more upscale dept stores so they can carry a wider and more varied selection. Also, it is the buyers' job to know what will sell. If they feel that a certain style is going to be hot, they will order it. If the chances of it selling are slim, they won't. For instance, Bloomies on 59th doesn't carry for example, the Paris Biarritz line. It may not be the most popular line and thus they won't carry it. Smaller stores more than likely go for for sure sales.
    Also, quantity is limited for them because they are a small volume store as compared to their larger competitors.
  3. I can never seem to find the bag I am looking for in the two NYC stores which are closest to me. I always call out to neimans.....and if one doesn't have it , the other one does. I definitely find better selection at department stores...but that has been my own personal experience.
  4. Yea Bloomies has an awful selection ... but I did actually see the Paris Biarritz line there once. I actually don't think they order the more popular styles in any case I think they order the bags that no one wants.
  5. Outside of the boutiques, NM is Chanel's best customer.
  6. I need to see the Fall look-book! I think BG carries less selections than NM although they have the same owner.
  7. I also got my white jumbo flap from Bergdorfs. It does depend on what the buyer thinks will sell in a particlular store. I have had the most luck when searching for a bag with Neimans.