interesting article about bags...

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  1. It pretty much covers all the points we make here, doesn't it? The rising prices, the thrill of the hunt, the desire that is never appeased even after a purchase.

    She asks the question at the end about whether the bag craze will die down. Judging from this forum, I don't see it dying out any time soon.

    Thanks for posting the article.
  2. Very nice article, thanks for the post. It gives off the similar post to the NY Times article in another thread.
  3. From the article: The over-saturation of handbags has drowned women in most major cities, but they continue to fight the waves, and creep upon another prospect. After all, as with most obsessions, isn’t the vast part of the thrill the hunt? The task of tracking down style numbers, country codes, and reputable sales associates, all in hopes of having a precious FedEx box delivered to your front door. To some this sounds tedious and bizarre (borderline OCD, as well). Yet to many women it’s a seasonal routine, as regular as having the oil changed.

    That's me!