Intel re the Shopping Bag


Nov 7, 2018
(I hope this is allowed, as I know authentication requests are not permitted and this is authentication-adjacent, though not a request that someone do the work for me...). Can anyone tell me whether their shopping tote (e.g., has the Saint Laurent logo printed anywhere on the fob/tag hanging from the handles (i.e., the strap connected to a tag containing the gold logo piece)? It's my favorite bag for work, and I was excited to find a good deal on one on eBay but now that I'm comparing pictures of the item with one of my bags (I have several that are purchased directly from retailers, i.e., definitely authentic), I'm noticing a few differences. Some of them are pretty subtle (differences in numbers of stitches) and can possibly be explained by photo quality, but there is one large difference in that the eBay item has "Saint Laurent" embossed/engraved on the leather of the fob but my authentic items do not. However, my authentic items are all from about the same time period, so it's possible it's an evolution in the style. (That said, none of the authorized retailer pictures currently show the name on the fob that I can find, and I only see a few secondhand examples of it.). If anyone had any intel on the subject, I'd appreciate it!