Instant reveal of 3 pre-loved beauties <3

  1. It's been awhile since I posted a reveal. I have made many purchases since my last reveal but these 3 items were on my most wanted list. Here are my 3 new to me beauties acquired this month:

    My 18 year old Deauville which I absolutely LOVE!!! :love::love::love::love:
    045.jpg 044.jpg
  2. Love it! When you find a great pre-loved bag its an awesome feeling, congrats.
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    Inside is nice and clean ~ love all the pockets :heart:
  4. Congrats on the find
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    This is a wallet that I missed out on upon release. I was lucky enough to find it in great condition. This is the most beautiful wallet IMO: RAYURE ZIPPY WALLET IN POMME D'AMOUR! :cloud9::cloud9::cloud9: :yahoo::yahoo:
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    I know it is a splurge but it is so beautiful on every bag. Tapage charm :hbeat:
  7. Wow. Very nice!
  8. Thanks for letting me share !!
  9. LOvin all of them!
  10. They all are gorgeous but I am so very jealous of that wallet! It truly is THE most beautiful wallet and I hope to have one some day. Congrats!
  11. Love your new goodies! Congrats!
  12. Great finds!!!!
  13. Congratulations!!
  14. Gorgeous finds!! Congrats!
  15. Love the wallet!! Enjoy :smile: