Instant Reveal: My First Ever BV Piece!! Signal Blue

  1. Hi everyone!

    I live in Montreal and unfortunately we have no access to BV whatsoever :/ which is ridiculous! But I digress.... I recently visited NYC and made my way to the GORGEOUS 5th Ave. store! Here is the result of my visit:

    I present to you my brand new Intrecciato VN Wallet in Signal Blue! :smile:






    I love it!!
  2. Very, very nice. I love that color!
  3. Congrats! Beautiful colour :smile:
  4. Gorgeous wallet, and such a beautiful color!
  5. Very nice....enjoy!
  6. Thanks so much guys! The color just jumped out at me when i opened the drawer! I had to have it!
  7. Hi Men's Tumbler, I love the colour of your wallet! Which photo best represents the true colour of your wallet? I am contemplating getting something in Signal Blue but don't have the privilege of seeing the colour in person. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  8. That is awesome! Thank you for posting pictures. A few people have been asking for pictures of signal blue. Could you please post a picture in the Blue Color Reference thread and the Early Fall Fall/Winter 2014-2015 Thread? I am going to edit your title so it is more searchable.
  9. Hey :smile: Thank you very much!. So the first picture is the only one that doesnt represent the color well, since I had used a flash. The others all reopresent the color really well. It is absolutely gorgeous in person!
  10. Very handsome wallet! congratulations and use in good health.
  11. thank you :smile: I certainly will

  12. not finding this thread: Early Fall Fall/Winter 2014-2015
  13. Thanks!! Sorry, quoted the wrong thread ;)

  14. not finding this thread: Early Fall Fall/Winter 2014-2015