Instant Reveal CHEEEEEEEEEEZ !

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  1. Took a drive to King if Prussia and exchanged for color Aube to Noir..I am 110% HAPPY! I've been wanting an all leather LV for sometime. I missed out on the Infini color so I settled for Aube, I really liked but I dont think I truly truly loved it. I absolutely love this Noir Artsy ! Ahhhhh the smell of new leather, now I need charms for my Newborn Baby:biggrin:

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  2. gorgeous!!
  3. congrats to your beauty!!! btw greeetings to PA and king of prussia!
    love it there!!😃
  4. Congratulations, it's beautiful!
  5. Ooooh! What a beauty! I have this bag in Infini.:smile: You will love having an all-leather bag. I have enjoyed my Emp Artsy and Emp wallet so much, that I'm planning for an Emp Speedy just to get more LV leather in my life!
  6. beautiful! ^_^
  7. My favorite mall!! Congrats!
  8. Beautiful. Such a gorgeous bag. Congrats. :biggrin:
  9. Thanx
  10. KOP is Awesome
  11. Ohhhh that Infini is a Beaut !!!!! Enjoy ur leather smelling lol
  12. Thank You !
  13. Lovely! Congrats
  14. Thank You, I wish there was an LV in Delaware but I just make it an outing :smile:
  15. She is gorgeous!:loveeyes: