Inspired Lv,Gucci,Fendi etc.

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  1. Hello everyone.
    I was wondering if when people sell "designer inspired LV" bags if it it legal as someone is selling them.
  2. i think 'inspired' is okay but it's illegal to copy them par for par...
  3. Ok thanks for that.The bags do have the LV and Fendi design and they do look like the Authentic ones from the outside but as long as they are not saying they are authentic and and saying inspired its fine.
  4. hmmm... if they have the LV or fendi monogram i don't think it's legal...
  5. insipired bags is not illegal but for me they are the same as fakes....
  6. Yeah but they are not selling them as authentic they are actually saying they are inspired.If thay wanted they could sell them as real and rip people off ,so they are being truthful after all.
  7. I think it is still illegal is they have the trademarked logos on them!
  8. Inspired bags are gross and just demented looking IMO...
  9. This forum does NOT condone "inspired"/counterfeit merchandise. Sorry.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.