Insider info about Chanel Authentications and Sales

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  1. #1 Jun 19, 2019
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 22, 2019
    A close family member has recently joined Chanel in Asia. She has shared some insider information about the brand, not sure if this is applied globally:

    1. Regarding Authentication, Chanel sales will usually not authenticate a bag if you just step in the store and ask, unless you are a loyal customer. And none of the staff numbers were trained to do the authentication anyway. They have to rely on the product Serial code. An alternative way is to bring in the bag for Repairs, they will be able to check the serial no. and will reject a repair if the bag is fake.

    2. Chanel stores all the leather goods purchases from 1993 upwards. Sales would be able to look up the 7/8 digit serial code and confirm the style of bag, the material, and year of invoice date. If the bag cannot be found in the system, it means the bag is either Fake or dated before 1993. xxx no soliciting on tPF

    3. There is annual discount event for Chanel staff members and group VIPs. Discount can be as high as 50% off RPP. Item most heavily discounted are accessories like earrings necklaces etc. This usually happens in summer around May, and the number of items each employee can purchase is capped. I had a peek into their annual sales this year, no classics like Flap bags or Le Boy, more the seasonal ones, still a very decent collection and discount!

    4. Besides the annual sales event, the staff can get around 15% off seasonal styles on leather goods and clothing etc. There will also be internal sales on displayed items, this usually happens when they have new reason releases and need to remove the previous displays from the shelves. She showed me a recent runway bag discounted at 30%, purely because it was on display and the store needs to change the displayed stock...

    Any other questions feel free to pm me:smile:
  2. Can you ask her why it usually takes about 6 months for a parts replacement order to be done? Im guessing because it is shipped overseas to the actual chanel but then again why so long as 6 months? Not sure why they cant just order the parts without shipping it all the way to Paris or Italy...
  3. May I know if the Chanel sales event happens in all the Chanel stores worldwide? Are they typically in May as you mentioned above?
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