Inside the Spy

  1. Since there is no inside pockets in the spy bag. How do you spy experts organize your things? Do you use a purseket to keep your things from going everywhere and organize small items:confused1: ?
  2. good question, Janice, and a slight (tiny actually because i fell in love with the Spy!) concern when i was in the pre-purchase state, but the good thing is, the way the bag is shaped and the softness (i have the zucca: cloth in the middle), the items settle down at the bottom, even in a non-zucca 'cause i tested it (unless you load it like a grocery bag lol) and kind of disburse themselves in a row so that its not that difficult to access them -- but you might consider getting a small pouch inside for organization. The Spy is so stunning that i also figured, what's a little inconvenience? lol
  3. I do not organize anything I am afraid, just "bung" everything in that I need. I have a purse for cards and money. The bag is brilliant because it opens wide so you can see more or less what you are looking for. I do not keep anything in the spy compartments as afraid I might break them keep opening and closing them.:rolleyes:
  4. sometimes i dont organize my things...or I'll put my quick access mini things in the small compartment pocket ...

    i used to use my cherry LV pochette to put my things in .. very good when u change bags so frequently
  5. I put my cell phone in the flap compartment & have a small cosmetic bag for my little essentials. Everything else I just throw in!
  6. I have a LV pochette for the 'bits and pieces', and just throw everything else in!
  7. Ditto. I put all the smaller odds and ends in a balenciaga makeup clutch bag. The only other things I carry are a blackberry and sunglasses, and those get tossed in the bag along with the makeup clutch.
  8. That was one of my concerns too. I was like, what if my bag tips over and my smaller objects (lip sticks, eye drops, pens, etc.) fall out? I haven't received my Spy yet, but I'm gonna pick up a cosmetics bag or something to put my smaller things in.