Inside scoop over the damier neverfull....

  1. My friend from Singapore just arrived yesterday I was so shocked to hear that the damier neverfull is already in waitlist there! I was like No way! it's not even out yet...:woohoo:
  2. Are u sure about that? I am in SIngapore and have not heard of the news :sad: Pls ask your friend at which outlet? tks.
  3. LV doesn't have outlets. :confused1:
  4. ^I think she means store.
  5. Sorry if i confuse anyone ;) I mean store.
  6. wow... i wana get my hands on one!! :yahoo:
  7. Oh if they could only hurry up and come out with ones in Azur!
  8. Oh my , I would love that!!! I can't wait to see it!
  9. My birthday is coming up soon & I was hoping they would release the Damier Neverfull ASAP, hehe.
  10. I'm already planning on getting the Damier in GM and the Azur in MM. Now would they come out already!!!!
  11. .....
  12. I think that in Europe you can get in a waitlist as well...My SA told me that I could...i don't know if it's official...but surely if you know the SA you can ask him to reserve one for you when they finally come out...

    Of the topic: Do you think it's too much for a guy...?I'm starting to thinking it a lot after the speedy..
  13. I want an azur one. :push:
  14. I think some stores have already started waitlists.
  15. I want the AZUR!!! ..nonetheless, im very happy for the ppl who want the damier ebony :smile: It will look so chocolatey and tasty lol :p