inside pockets

  1. on the Monogram speedy....
    why can they put pockets in this bag
    [​IMG] and the regular monogram cant ?
  2. I know! I wish they would too
  3. I would prefer that pocket then the little flap pocket we get.
  4. Me too:yes:
  5. I would love more pockets too!
  6. I agree.
  7. i totally agree. everything falls to the bottom of my mono 30. i wish it had pockets
  8. I think it's because lining of regular mono speedy is glued to canvas like in keepall so it's impossible to sew pocket:confused1: In dentelle speedy lining is just free layer of fabrick, not glued to canvas, KWIM??? my poor english....
  9. It would look great!
  10. We need to do this to the mono speedy :smile:
  11. Isn't the mono Speedy just a piece of canvas sewn together with vachetta piping? I mean, like, there's no lining?
    If there is a lining, like the Miroir speedy, then it can certainly be sewn on, but if it's just canvas, they'll have to use glue and with wear maybe the glue will start discolouring and I wouldn't want that.
  12. Good question, but I think the Speedy has been around so long, that to add pockets, it wouldn't be the Speedy anymore. Just can't fool with tradition sometimes.
  13. I would like if it came with pockets.
  14. Yes, the pockets like that in the pic look very nice and I like the microfiber lining

    There is a lining:yes: like your azur pochette but instead of beige/white, the mono speedies have a brown canvas lining (which i don't like). Then inside there's an "elongated hemispherical" flap which is the pocket (which I don't like either cuz it looks kinda cheap imo...)
  15. ^:yes:ITA!! Those 2 pockets would be so much more useful than the flap pocket. I find the flat pocket kind of annoying and ease of use isnt really up there. Speedy pockets... *drools*