inquiring mind wants to know

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What's really at the bottom of your speedy?

  1. Catalog, magazine, encyclopedia britannica

  2. Piece of cardboard, plexiglas, or or other industrial material

  3. Nothing. Let it sag.

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Ok so going through alot of the old posts here that deal with the speedy, two of the things that keep coming up are how the bag sags and the many resourceful ways some of you ladies deal with the issue. So here's a little poll in honor of THE SAG. :P
  2. Where's the poll?
  3. sorry. took me a while to post it. :smile:
  4. I love my bag to sag!
  5. I put a music magazine at the bottom of my speedy. The magazine has Pink Floyd on the cover (one of the bands I enjoy listening to) :biggrin:.
  6. I currently have the Elle Accessories 2006 magazine in my Speedy.
  7. Nothing I LOVE the look of the saggy speedy, lol!!!:biggrin:
  8. one of the best rock bands (if not THE best) of all time!
  9. I dont care if it sags because I dont stuff it full. Just keep it light, but I do use a LV checkbook that I use for bills. it usually sits on the bottom and that probably stops any sagging. they all sag a little though....its the nature of it...
  10. I have a Speedy 25 and I use the Tiffany catalog to line the bottom. It fits perfectly!!! I don't remember how long I've had the bag, a couple years maybe, and the shape is if it's brand new.
  11. Just let it sag!
  12. me too! plus i hate when my bag gets too heavy so if i added a magazine it would kill my arm after a while
  13. "Other" --- I have a Tshirt.. Not sure it's doing that much good so I may have to go toward "Let it sag"
  14. For my 25, nothing...b/c I barely carry anything for it to sag. However, for my 35 I used white/plain art canvas boards purchased from Michaels (Craft Store). They are much lighter than magazines and do their job.
  15. I put one of that puffy envelope with a thick paper leave in so it doesn't sack and its not as heavy as a magazine.