inner zipper not the original Ferrg..should i worry?

  1. My sister got a Ferrgamo bag and it is from the department store, the inside pocket does not have the zipper show the name Ferrg. she asks me if she should worry due re-sell, if she ever going to sell it online. I don't know how to advise her. please help.
  2. please attach photos so we can see what you mean.

  3. Was the zipper replaced? Are you doubting authenticity?
  4. not doubting authenticity,, just worry if this go on eBay. will that cause the authenticity problem.
  5. yes, the zipper was not put on by Ferrg so they put in on after.
  6. If it has been altered by someone other than Ferragamo, that information must be disclosed.
  7. The SA did mention about replacing the zipper pull.. she said some how it did not put on by the manuf. should I take as disclosed and okay?

  8. please review the attached pictures one is with the Ferrg zipper pull and the other one is not.
    PICT0092.GIF PICT0089.GIF
  9. PICT0092.JPG

    this is the zipper from Ferrg. and it has the name on the zipper pull.


    this is the inner zipper pull put on after the store realize on is missing.

    will this matter for resell purpose.
  10. Yes, it will matter. Take bag to Ferragamo for an authentic replacement zipper pull. Other than this we are not allowed to discuss selling bags at the Purse Forum.
  11. Thank you Jbourgh for your opinions. I was not trying to selll anything. I was concern if I decided to sell it later.
  12. You are welcome, just wanted you to know about the selling issue. I'm instructed to let you know they it is against the rules.