Inmate won't use "get out of jail free" card


    Mon Oct 23, 2006 8:16am ET
    BERLIN (Reuters) - A 59-year-old German man who has spent the last 34 years in jail has turned down offers to be let out, an official said Saturday.
    "He rejected an offer to leave in 1992," Thomas Melzer, a spokesman for the Brandenburg state justice ministry, told Bild newspaper. "We can't do anything if someone sentenced to life in prison doesn't want to leave."
    The man, identified only as Gerold H, was convicted of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment in 1972 when the area was part of communist East Germany.
    German prisoners have no obligation to agree to leave jail before their sentences have been completed.
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  2. OMG haha
  3. If you spent that much time in prison, I would imagine it would be hard to adjust again in the "outside" life. Sometimes it makes it harder for prisoners to move on and they wind up back in prison again.
  4. I'm actually not surprised by that. Youv'e got to think about it. This guy has been locked up since Germany was still divided between East & West. He has not truly experienced the changes that have been made in Germany since then - and you've got to think of how scary it would be to go out into a new world with new changes that you didn't even realize were happening and didn't get a chance to take part of.
  5. He might still feel alot of guilt too
  6. I was thinking the same thing or maybe he has nothing to return to (no money, no family or friends..). If this is the case maybe he thought he'd be better living the rest of his life there?
  7. Gosh this reminds me of the movie Shawshank Redemption. When the old man gets out of jail after so long and then commits suicide. It must be difficult when you have spent years in jail to try to return to a normal life!?!
  8. I agree.
  9. Poor guy probably has no one to go back to.