Inked !!!


    I don't have any tattoos because i'm a scaredy cat, but i love this show.

    Anyone else?
  2. i love miami ink much more, i have only seen inked a couple of times. I too am sooo afraid of getting a tattoo though i would love one. if you like inked you should check out miami ink, its in reruns for the summer
  3. Yep, love the show and have a small band of pink flowers on my ankel.
  4. Miami Ink and Inked are addictive shows for Me-
  5. Huh

    And I thought you were talking about corporations with no owner
  6. I like watching both this & Miami Ink. It's always interesting why, where & what tattoos people get. I have gotten all mine marking special moments in my life. Plus, it's that little "wild child" in me..
  7. I'm not a tattoo girl but I also love this show! Carey Hart is a sweetheart and I've completely addicted to all things reality!
    I miss Thomas from last season though :sad:
  8. i like watching this show- shows the buisness side of tattooing, very very interesting! i love the one where the guys go out and ride bikes in chicken costumes! :lol:

    i'm planning on getting a tattoo in Dec (my 2nd ) to celebrate FINALLY graduating university! woohoo! 6 yrs... 3 schools... 4 majors...

  9. Yea for you! Congrats :smile:
  10. I'm not a tattoo girl because I hate needles! And I'm scared of pain! (It's amazing I had kids!)
    My neighbor's totally addicted- she comes over with a new one about every two months! It is an interesting art though-if it's done by someone who really knows what they're doing. My neighbor's tats are very intricate and beautiful.

  11. Congratulations. :flowers:
  12. I also am not a tatooed woman but I just love this show....reality show it! I had my DH pick me up a Hart and Huntington tshirt from their shop about 6 months ago during a guy trip to Vegas...I love wearing it to the gym...I feel like a rock star...(sad...very sad
  13. I haven't watched Inked, but I did watch Miami Ink a few times. Very entertaining. And, yeah, I am tattooed. I have a nice, huge rat on my right calf. :shame:
  14. I have a tattoo on my lower back about my butt crack... lol. The color is way more vibrant now than when I first got it, I really love it. I got a maple leaf cause I live in Canada. Pink and purple are my favourite colors. I attached a picture that was taken seconds after it was completed.
    dawns tattoo.JPG
  15. I have watched both, and love to see the many reasons people get tatoos amd of course the tatoos themselves. I have two - one on my ankle ( almost two hours of sheer pain) and one on the small of my back. I think people are always surprised that I actually have them, I suppose I don't fit in their stereotype of someone who would typically get one.
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