1. Lately, with all this talk about Ink, is it really a dark purple colour or a dark blue or does that depend of the light, it is seen in?

  2. I think it's more purple
  3. I'd say primarily a dark blue, with some subtle hints of purple that emerge more in certain lights.
  4. Dark blue with purple refexion. (sorry my english is not subtle enough)
  5. All of the above. It varies from bag to bag, and depends on the light, but it can be all of those colours.
  6. It depends on the bag. The shade varies quite a bit among ink bags. Some are more purple, some are more dark blue, and many are chameleon-like and appear different shades depending on the lighting it is in...
  7. It's black with purple tones when I saw it....
  8. i had seen a ink twiggy which was with thin papery leather with purple hues so i did not purchase, but few days back i got the ink box with thicker leather and it has more dark blue ,black and greyish hues with very slight purple.