ink shrug

  1. i just got my ink shrug.:rochard: this style is really cute. i like how the shoulder strap isn't so long causing the bag to hit my hips like the hobo. the only thing is that it's a little more structured, but i think with time it will distress and slouch nicely.

    there were some of us that were wondering about the closure of the flap. well, it has a magnetic snap. i took a pic of it below.

    also, took pics of me carrying, so you can see the size of the bag.
    inkhanging.jpg inksnap.jpg inkclose.jpg inkclose2.jpg carryingink.jpg carrying2.jpg carryingink3.jpg
  2. Wow this looks so nice on you! Congrats!! This really is a bag that looks so good on persons while it looks a just o.k when not carried. I hope you know what I mean. It's a real beauty and you 2 seem to be made for each other.
  3. congrats. looks great! we are ink shrug twins! mine has already gotten slouchier (from use and conditioning) though not as much as my hobo. as for the closure, what i mean was that some people put an additonal magnet inside to keep the top closed.
  4. ohhh esile i looove your shrug :love: it looks so nice on you :heart: did you get at shirise ? i want one, if only its still 50% off (sigh!)
  5. bohooo i want an ink shrug too :sad:
  6. thanks for the congrats and compliments.

    tanja, thanks! i know what you mean... it's definitely one of those bags that looks better worn.

    chigirl, yes we're twins now. good to know it's slouching. oh, i see what you mean with another snap, but i kind of like how it's easy to axcess inside the bag with just one. by the way, thanks for letting us know about the sale at shirise.

    kaka, yes that was the best part! it was 50% off.
  7. sure. i haven't put the snap on and don't think i need it because the bag is deep enough. what i do however because i don't like opening and closing it all the time is put my keys in the zipped part inside so i can just slip my hand in and grab them.
  8. You look great wearing your new shrug! The proportions look just right. Congrats! Thanks for posting about the magnetic closure too. I did ask about it in another thread, whether that flap had one of those. So thankyou for the enlightenment:smile:
  9. i agree. it's so convenient. this bag is definitely great if you need to be quick and on-the-go!

    serenity, thanks for the compliment!
  10. wow, your adorable new ink shrug looks beautiful on your esile :yes:
  11. esile -- are you going to post pics in the sticky about "wearing your balenciaga"?? i didn't post mine because the quality of my pics is not so great. you should because your pics are great!
  12. Esile, you look great!!! :love:

    Thank you for posting the picture. Now I have more pictures to compare the Ink color and see if I like Ink or not!!

    Thank you.... :flowers:
  13. I like that! I wasn't sure what to think after reading the mixed reviews, but it is really cute, I think.
  14. esile, the ink shrug looks gorgeous on you!:yes: CONGRATS!:smile:
  15. thank you ladies! you're so sweet.:love:

    chi, good idea... i'll post it.;)