Ink Family Photos

  1. After becoming obsessed with B Bags, then with INK:heart: , I went on a bit of a spree - I bought a Twiggy, First and City:shame: . Here's the family:


    And here is a closeup of the three bags - I tried to capture the subtle differences in the leather:


    Turns out I don't like the Twiggy shape :shocked: (posted this in another thread) and not even sure how I feel about the Ink First and City. I am actually in love with my 05 Caramel First:love: , which I had listed on Ebay for 2 days before having seller's remorse and removing it - thanks for not bidding, LOL!!!!
  2. Wow, that's a whole lotta ink! hehe. Very pretty :smile:
  3. Goodness those are beautiful! I wish there was a green envy smiley, I'd use it here :yes: Hmmm...if you don't like them (~cough Twiggy~cough First), perhaps we might chat :shame:

  4. beautiful ink family! boy, when you like a color...;)
  5. georgeous....
    love them all....
  6. wow!!! 0o0o00 FUN FUN FUN!!! congrats! they're all so beautiful!