Ink City or Ink Work?

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  1. So, I've been wanting a Work to carry on days when I am toting around more stuff than usual, and also for travel. I've already got an Ink City but I wonder if I should sell it and get a Work in Ink. Or should I just keep it and get a Work in a different color? (I've been eyeing the blue-grey swatch for F/W 06).

    I love my Ink City...but I think a Work in that color is more practical than say, blue grey, because Ink is a color I can just throw around and not have to be so careful about, you know? Like when I am traveling.

    Wahh...I hate making decisions! :cry:
  2. hmm... the ink city is non-existant in retail stores now pretty much. i think there are still works around, and you wont have much trouble unloading an ink city (if you were hoping to trade up)

    i have the ink day and its amazing- holds all my school stuff during the day and magically shrinks down to evening size at night. its my Mary Poppins bag! i suggest trying on a few sizes!

    good luck! let us know how it works out!
  3. I saw an ink work tonight at NM at Garden State Plaza, NJ. There were quite a few B bags on display. There was an emerald courier - loved the shape, hated the leather.
  4. What else did you see at the paramus NM?

  5. They had a lot of b bags. I can't remember exactly what they had but there were several ink bags - work and classique. Emerald courier, a few cornflower (sorry, can't remember which bags).

    Sorry, I didn't spend a lot of time looking :sad: . I was trying to get in and out of the mall quickly but I had to take a quick walk thru the bag section.
  6. My favorite is the work :smile: Not too big, not to small, just right :smile: Also it fits over the shoulder easier than the city (and no worries about the slippery city shoulder strap, that always bugged me).
  7. Edna, keep the ink city and buy a work in a f/w 06 color like bleu gris.
  8. i'd totally keep the INK!
  9. I love the work!! i had an ink city and traded it for a work.. i love the work size shape everything. i dont know i love big bags. but if u can offord both . then keep the ink and get a work in another color
  10. i'd say keep the ink color
  11. Thanks all! :+) I think I've just decided to keep the Ink City. Too much of a hassle to buy an Ink Work and then sell the City. I'd probably lose money on it, what with the high eBay + paypal fees and all. I'll just be patient and see what Fall/Winter has to offer. My wallet and my boyfriend will be happy.
  12. i think you made the right decision Edna-girl, i like the fact that the city has a shoulder strap & the work doesn't :yes: