Ink City from PF'er-SB $1325 OBO

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  1. yes I think AllisonFaye is looking for one!! but she's hesitant about eBay.
  2. MISSY... your selling the BABY??... awwww

    It's beautiful GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! go get it!
  3. I wasn't going to but then I saw an 04 lilac city on ebay took all the pictures and made the auction..... Only to look a little more closely and see it was a FAKE!!! But since I did all the work already I figured I would see what happens with it.

    I have another b-bag in the city size on the way to me so.....
  4. lol meemie i think i also saw that same 04 lilac city today and thought it was auth too. :shame: