Ink Box

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  1. It's a gorgeous bag and a PFer's auction, just make sure you note that this bag is sold w/o the strap...
  2. Ridiculous price for no strap. I might have gotten it with no strap if it was around $200, but nothing more than that for no strap. :confused1: I mean the strap is the best thing about the box style.
  3. ^I agree that's a very high price given that it comes without a strap.
  4. it is kinda high for a box without the strap... i've always wanted to interchange my first and box straps.
  5. I strap is one of my favorite things about the box..
  6. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO:crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:
    No strap:cursing: :cursing:
  7. No strap. No sale.
  8. how does one have a box with no strap?? :confused1:
  9. EXACTLY! And at that price? :confused1:
  10. Exactly, I mean I could still make use of it... That's why I would still get it if it was super cheap like $200. But I wouldn't waste anymore $ on it because you wouldn't be able to sell it later with no strap!
  11. :crybaby: Such a shame - I would LOVE a box in Ink but must, must, must have the strap! The longer strap is one of the things I love about the box style :confused1:
  12. Crazy price for a bag that is missing an important part.
  13. Is the seller a pfer? Not 100% sure. but, I could've sworn a pfer in another thread had mentioned that they were thinking about selling their box with no strap... I could be wrong though ...

    good luck ! :smile:
  14. the seller said this:

    I currently own both the FIRST and BOX in INK but am keeping detachable straps for both to interchange with my First.