Ink Box At Barney's Chicago

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  1. Congrats~~~ It is nice bag and so cute but size is too small for me..I'm so happy that I could help you..
    Have a happy happy b-day~~ and merry christmas
  2. There was an Ink Work or Voyager at NM in Northbrook yesterday... can't remember which one it was now... :shame:
  3. He's the one that sold it to me. But honestly, I believe that before I bought it they found it in the back, because I hadn't seen it in there before, and I know they have a 30 day return policy.
  4. I think it might be the one that I returned. I bought it from Barney's Manhasset and returned it about two weeks ago. I thought it was too veiny and it was really shiney. I also bought an ink first, which I returned as well. The leather was much nicer but I thought I still might have a shot at getting an ink city (which was what I really wanted) and DH made me return the first too.
  5. Did you buy it in the last couple of weeks and then return it? So maybe it was returned twice.
  6. I remembered Allisonfaye talking about returning an Ink Box, so it did cross my mind that this may be a return-return. Well, we will see how I like it or not. I don't expect to find a perfect Ink bag from the stores this late in the year anyway, so if it is something that I could live it, I want to try.
  7. I was in Northbrook last weekend, they have 2 Works, a Day, and a part-time, but I don't think the color is ink, it's kind of deep blue color, more like bleu roi instead of ink.
  8. baiyishang... I think you are right.. I was back there last night & they are lighter than ink, never have seen the blue roi IRL but that is probably what they are.
  9. I think maybe it was blueberry work that I returned..
  10. lulublue717... I GOT MY INK BOX TODAY!!! And I LOVE IT! Thank you for posting it so I can get it!!!
    messengerbaglover, thank you for returning it so I can enjoy it!
    And... Allisonfaye, if this was your return, thank you for that so I can enjoy it (and again, congrats on your INK CITY)!!!
    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Box style and the color INK!!! Perfect leather and distressness for me. I love the veininess on this bag. It was such a perfect birthday present for me...
    Thank you again!:heart:

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  11. congrats! the box is wonderful!!!!
  12. :heart: congrats! looks beautiful on u-- and I love veiny distressed leather as well!
    But that is so cool-- that tPF connects so many of us, that we can actually track the history of one bbag from one owner to another to another....and the sa's who don't always disclose all the details about returns/history of the bags, have no idea HOW CONNECTED we, pfers are!!! more power to us!:graucho:
  13. Yeah, that is awesome!
  14. I am SO glad that you love it. I hope it was my return that helped you to get what you wanted.

    I was in Barney's today and I noticed they had a much better selection of B-bags then the last time I was there and they had an ink weekender if anyone is interested. It was really nice. Gotta love that ink.