INK and Blueberry

  1. Hi, does anyone know if there'll be any HUGE difference between these two colors - INK vs BLUEBERRY ??

    I am thinking if I can't get an :heart:INK:heart:this time round, I might pre-order the BLUEBERRY if it's possible. But the swatch is kind of small, so I can't really tell the difference :huh:
  2. I think somebody called balenciaga and asked, and they said that Blueberry apparently is just a deep blue with no purple or black undertones, unlike the ink.
  3. oh... deep blue, like the Marc Jacobs Indigo?? Sounds okay to me :yes::P
    Thanks hatikuh:biggrin:
  4. Soleil me too... i'm really looking forward to seeing what the Blueberry looks like!!! weee heee b-bags!!!
  5. A couple of weeks ago an SA at Bal NY described it as a deep blue, similar to the color of the skin of a blueberry, but not as bright as the indigo from a couple of seasons ago. I also can't wait to see this color!
  6. Sounds very pretty!
  7. This is the color I want!! Preferably in the "Purse" style, but I will consider another twiggy.
  8. yeppers, when i asked the nyc store, that's what they told me's more of a royal blue color & isn't purpley like the ink at all...the swatch i saw looked absolutely gorgeous :yes:
  9. yum... royal blue. i could imagine this color looking so good in a city!
  10. i'm hoping for one in the first, so my rouille has a friend :smile:
  11. aaallabama, you saw the swatches in person?
  12. yeppers, i saw them in person & i think blueberry's my fave!!!
  13. aaarghh soooo what do you think about the blue-gris/blue-india? Did it look like the swatch :hrmm: or the bag pics :yes: on ateliernaff? (i'm attaching both pics)
    fw06swatches.jpg 168028.jpg
  14. hmmmmmmmmm, i'm a little confused hatikuh :huh: ...what color is the b-bag on the right?
  15. ^ we're thinking they're supposed to be the same color... but since you saw the swatches in person, how would you describe the blue india? Is it closer to either color, or is it slightly lighter/darker/more blue/more grey/etc.?