Ingrown Hairs -- Waxing, Shaving, etc.

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  1. I really need some help! Every year during the summer when I start doing hair removal, I suffer from the worst ingrown hairs. No matter what method of removal I try, it's still the same.

    Wtih each one, I get terrible red bumps that turn into almost pimples. I get the best results from waxing though. But it only lasts about a week. After about a week, I start to get "blackhead" type looking pores down there. Or I get ingrown hairs everywhere. Then my bikini line ends up looking terrible and I'm embarrassed to wear my swimsuit.

    I want to go get another brazilian, but can anyone sympathize with me? How can I prevent this from happening?? Is there anything to lessen this effect or are some people just prone to live with this? :sad:
  2. you have to exfoliate before the wax and then 48 hours after waxing. i still get them but not as much if i exfoliate. it really does help. i think bliss also has a cream for bikini bumps.
  3. This is going to sound a little weird, but I heard this years upon years ago in a Jane magazine I read while at the nail salon (I think I was 13 or something and reading the sex section lol). But anyways the lady in the magazine asked a stripper at a strip club how to avoid ingrowns. The stripper said to put unscented, normal deodorant on after shaving/waxing! I've done it ever since. Whenever I don't do it I get those irritating ingrowns, but honestly the deodorant works like a charm! Good luck!

  4. hmmm interesting
  5. You're right. That does sound very weird!! I'll give it a try because I also get some ingrown hairs that start to look like little pimples. Only a few and always in the same area.

    I can't understand how it should work... but I'll let you know!
  6. Just be sure to exfoliate before and a few days after. I use TEND SKIN over the area after I shower. My DH also uses it to avoid ingrowns and razor burn. Sephora sells it.

  7. WOW! I never heard of that before. Which brand do you use?

    I would exfoliate with Fake Bake Body Polish or with Baking Soda. I just got Clarisonic brush and I've been using it in that area to help keep my pores clean so that there is no build up.
  8. I have heard that salicylic acid (in aspirin and wart remover) can greatly help to exfoliate the area and expose the ingrown hair.
  9. I was told to exfoliate the area two days after the wax with a pure salt scrub as it will disinfect the area and really get into the pores. And basically do it every couple of days thereafter.
  10. I use Tend Skin too. It really works

  11. i want to try this out ! but do you mean like an anti perspirant? or what deodorants would be unscented i cant think fo any...sorry if i sound dumb...

  12. it kinda does make sense...i mean i shave my underarms and i never get any ingrowns in there so i guess the deodorant does work
  13. I just use normal Secret deodorant. I don't use it for my underarms since it's very... white lol. When you're at the store just look for a kind that is the normal, powdery white kind that always gets all of your clothes when you put it on your underarms. Just look for one that says "regular" or something like that. But it works really well for ingrowns! Which really does make sense, since like NYCBella said about how you constantly put it on a surface that you shaved (underarms).
  14. aaaah ok thank you ladies ! what a dummy i kept think about the spray ones ! *runs off to plaster her bikini with white deo goo*;)
  15. ^^^ :roflmfao: