Info on Reissues

  1. Hi everyone,

    I have a few questions about the Reissues, and I was wondering if anyone could share their Chanel expertise with me.

    - When do these reissues come out? Every season? Or once every FEW seasons?
    - Are they generally considered limited editions?
    - I haven't seen any in caviar, so what kind of leathers/materials do they come in?
    - I understand they come in five different sizes (224-228), does anyone know what their prices will be after the price increase?

    I think that's it for now. Any answers would be appreciated! TIA
  2. My friend told me that these will be the prices:

    225 $2,250.00
    226 2,695.00
    227 2,850.00
    228 3,495.00

    Ladies... please correct me if I'm wrong.

  3. 1. reissues don't come out in every season (and even if they do, they don't produce alot), i consider them as seasonal pieces (since they're not that readily available and you don't see many people having them), you do see them in different colors being issued out now.

    2. they aren't that limited, the LE ones are the anniversary editions. but please bear in mind that reissues are hard to find and highly sought after! :graucho:

    3. they come in special distressed wrinkled leather (for the anni. edition ones) / metallics / satin and jersey. they do not come in caviar, but there is another version of the reissue called the 'hybrid' with MM lock (like the reissue's) and distressed vintage look with tarnished new (bijoux) chain. that is not a reissue, however. :nogood:

    4. prices for reissues would probably increase after nov 1st. there have been rumours and i've been personally told as well, i'm not too sure about it but i bet they will increase IMO (just a matter of when), who wouldn't want a larger pie! :upsidedown: ACKS!!
  4. Thanks so much ladies!

    ladydeluxe, how does the "hybrid" differ from the reissues? The hybrid you described is exactly what I thought the description of a reissue would be! i.e. distressed leather, MM lock, and bijoux chain.

    I hate the Chanel website!!!
  5. Some other questions:

    - How do the Classic sizes compare to the Reissue sizes?
    - What kind of hardware colours do they come in? Is there a choice between different hardware for a given colour? Or are you stuck with the hardware colour they have designated for that colour bag?
  6. I don't know how to explain..:s, but as far as I know ...the leather is different (pls check at the reference-library section), and the chain is different too...

    For me the "Hybrid" have new chain, which is light-weight; while the "Reissue" have 3-link chain (it seems as 3 little link hold together- - it's my own word ..sorry:rolleyes:), you can feel the weight of the chain when you try it on...
  7. the chains used for the 'hybrid' is different from the one used on the reissue. you could go to the chanel reference library for more info on flaps and reissues. they do have pictures that you can refer to, so go check them out! let us know if you need any more help ;)
  8. here's a size reference taken from the Library section:
    /They usually come in silver shade H/W ,mostly ruthenium or gold (palladium?) H/W.
    recently for a more vintage effect both silver and gold H/W come out tarnished!
    Usually we're stuck with the H/W colour/shade they have designated for a specific colour bag !this can be different though in another season eg. same colour bag as before but with different colour H/W !Hope it helps!:smile:
  9. just to add that the above prices are old!:crybaby:
  10. Are Hybrids generally mistaken for Reissues? How come there is hardly any mention of this version in the forums? Actually, I only recently became obsessed with the Reissue from reading PF... :girlsigh:

    Sorry for being such a newb. I didn't realize the Chanel Reference Library had so much valuable information! I wish they had a thread dedicated especially to the Reissue though.
  11. this is so interesting, thank you for the info. :smile:

    Does anyone know when there will be more info about S/S bags? The stores that I talked to told me that they only know about cruise, yet some members have gotten info from SAs about the prices, colors, etc for Spring. Is there a specific SA that is recommended?

    I wonder when the trunk shows for S/S will take place?
  12. I was desperately calling stores about 2 weeks ago looking for reissues myself and spoke to Carolyn at Nordstrom MOA. At that time, she thought they would be getting the lookbooks for S/S any day now (but I haven't heard back from her yet). She took down my name and phone number and put me on her list of people to call once more information was available on S/S reissues. If you'd like her to do the same for you, call her at (952) 883-2121 and ask for Chanel Accessories.

    There is limited availability when it comes to reissues...For instance, Carolyn mentioned to me that Nordstrom only ordered 2 in every size and color last season. I was specifically looking for a 226 reissue, and also learned that Saks hadn't even ordered that size last season! When they arrive next year, however, I'll be ready and waiting!!
  13. Hey ladies I just got off the phone with a Chanel rep on the 1800 # and I put myself on the waiting list for the dark red reissue in 226...he said they didn't even order the 225 in that color, but he said the price for the 226 dark red is going to be $2425 not $2695 like mentioned above. I don't know if he misquoted the price but that is what he told me.
  14. $2425? That's not so bad (since last season's 226 was priced at $2350)! Previous predictions had the reissues starting at $3000+! I'll try to call my local Chanel SA to see if I can get on a waitlist here. Thanks for the info!
  15. ^^Yeah that's the price he told me so hopefully that's the accurate one! I think I'll call later this week just to confirm that price. Let me know if it's correct when you talk to your SA!