Indoor brick veneer wall?

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  1. Does anyone have a veneer brick indoor wall?
    I'm looking for an old exposed warehouse wall look.
    Where did you buy them? How did you find the person that did them?
    Please PM me if anyone knows of anyone in Los Angeles
    that does this.
    Im finding a lot of brick layers, and masonry workers, but none can show
    me any veneer walls they've done..

    I've seen faux brick photos online, but they either look fake, or they don't look I think Ill go for the reclaimed veneers..
  2. Swear I've seen this in a restaurant/somewhere in the LA area, we travel there often. Can't think of where now. :thinking:
    If you see this anywhere, ask the owner/shop worker who did it.

    Also consider going to the blue whale/design center, look around & ask people working there.
  3. Thankyou!

    Yes, I've seen great work around that I want them, I cant remember where
    I did find a great place that sells them..'had a lot up in their showroom..
    they looked fake, even the nice brands.
    The design center might have some samples..
    thankyou again VLL!