Indigo City or Ink City?

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  1. Okay, I was going to place my order today from the Balenciaga NY store for an Ink City. Seriously, I was dialing the number when my SA from Neiman Marcus called and said that they have an Indigo City that she would like to show me before she sends it out ( the NM here in Newport normally doesn't carry Bbags).The customer decided to get a white twiggy instead.

    So many beautiful colors, it's driving me nuts :wacko: Which one would you rather get? Indigo or Ink? I would be using it as an everyday bag and this is my first Balenciaga. Thanks a lot! You guys are the best :biggrin:
  2. Indigo City? I don't know how that could possibly be. Indigo is over a year old. It's from pre Spring 2005 and it would have come out around the same time of year that the ink, cornflower, lilac, et al were released. Which would mean it hit the shelves at the end of 2004, beginning of 2005.

    You might want to make sure that the SA from Neiman Marcus isn't accidentally calling the ink bag indigo.
  3. Yes, I'm aware of that. That's why I think she has the color wrong so I'm going to look at it on Monday. Maybe she meant Navy which came out F/05 ? Which is also a beautiful color..
    I hope it is the Ink so I can just pick it up instead of waiting for a days.., :nuts:
  4. YOu should get the ink.. because if you don't you'll regret it. hahha
  5. Hi Pursegalsf! I was just there at Neimans Union Square, doing a return. Anyway, I stopped and took a look at the B-bags...there were quite a few colors and styles, all beautiful. Since, everyone on the forum was raving about the cornflower, I thought I'd try it on :sad: it didn't look right on me, so I tried the grey...of all the colors, I loved it :amazed: ! Great for spring/summer. By the way, the Ink is really beautiful!
  6. At my local Neiman Marcus they were referring to the cornflower bags as "denim." Perhaps the bag you were called about is the cornflower? Sometimes the SAs get the colors mixed up...

    Also, since the bag is a return, you should check it very, very carefully. My store had someone return a fake "cornflower" (they bought a real one and returned the fake using the Neimans receipt). The SA who accepted the return wrapped up the bag and put it in the back with all the others. When I asked if they had any cornflower city bags in stock they pulled that bag to show me. I mentioned that the color looked different and that the bag had silver hardware. My comments prompted them to look closely at the bag and when I returned later in the day, the SA told me that the bag was fake. This happened just a couple of weeks ago, so really examine the bag closely, especially if the store normally doesn't carry Balenciaga, since the SAs may not know what to look for when taking returns.

    By the way, Neimans assured me that accepting the fake was a fluke that was the result of a fill-in SA who didn't know policy surrounding the return of B-bags (must get manager to sign off, etc). I'm sure they will watch even more closely from now on!
  7. Did you see an Ink pursemama?
  8. I would wager that your SA has an Ink but is calling it indigo - when I called Barneys NY the SA referred to some of the new bags as Indigo and Olive - when the actual colors are ink and origan.

    Go look at it - you will know from the tag which year it is from. It will say 2005 or 2006. If it says 2006 then it is Ink (which BTW everyone says is hugely versatile and amazing.)
  9. My SA from NM made the same mistake. She kept calling it "navy" and then "indigo" while assuring me it was not an older style bag. So, I made her call the Balenciaga buyer to confirm what this bag was (because what she was describing sounded more like ink!). Turns out that the descriptions in the NM system are usually incorrect. The bag was ink, so I told her to go ahead and order it. My bet is that your SA also had the wrong description too, although it is probably ink.
  10. pursegalsf, if the bag is navy (which is doubt they have that laying around in the popular city size either), it is essentially the same color as the cornflower. I think there may be a slight variation in the color of the thread used on both bags, but other than that the navy and the cornflower are essentially the same.

    Good luck! And please keep us updated.
  11. I like the indigo a lot and think it's a pretty color, But as everyone stated above, it's weird that they have that one in stock since it is so old. I hope they nailed the person who returned the fake. That's absolutely terrible!

    I would go with the ink from BAL NY. Atleast you know for sure what you're getting.
  12. I'll call the SA today and I'll try to clear it up.