1. I can't decide between cosmetic pouch or pochette clés:shrugs:
    I want the round pochette cosmetique or pouch with gold chain, but i really want key holder too, especially damier and mono matching with my bags..
    What should i get first?
  2. that's a tough one, I think you eventually need both in your collection! If you don't have a makeup case I would do the pochette cosmetique first, and I'll tell ya why, this is how I look @ things, though it may not work in all countries, but in the US we've been having 2 price increases a year, so if I'm between two items @ a similar price I usually go with which ever is more expensive (or more limited in availability), b/c the more expensive item will go up more money than the less (b/c our price increases are normally a percentage across the board....) it's not that big of a deal, but it's what helps me make a final decision between two things I equally like....
  3. thanks Lola. Now i'm thinking that i need a new wallet too LOL
  4. I'd go for the key holder... cos that's what I want now! LOL
  5. I say for the gold!!! [The Cosmetic Pouch... ;)]
  6. I'd go for the mini Pochette * I think that's what you're talking about*
    it's more versatile...with the strap and all...
  7. that's how i made my desicion too :P
  8. cosmetic pouch
  9. i'm going to say pochette cosmetique :wlae: this is a great little make up bag!!!
  10. Ditto :supacool:
  11. Another vote for the Pochette Cosmetique.