Incorrect code&description on receipt

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  1. I bought an LV ALMA BB EPI on 12/7/2013, but today I found that the receipt shows that I "bought" a "NOE BB EPI CITRON", which means that I paid almost $200 higher than the true price and got a unmatched receipt for my bag.....What should I do? Can I get the money back and get a new receipt (It is two months from that date...)
  2. Geesh I should check my receipts! I would most definitely go back! Maybe they accidentally swapped tags when having to many purses out at one time. Oh what a hassle! Good luck and keep us posted.
  3. Go back to the store as soon as possible. This is crazy.
  4. Is it possible that they mixed up receipts? Maybe you can check your old credit card bills if you paid thru credit.
  5. the name and card are correct...just wrong product name....
  6. Call or go back ASAP!! And always review your products and prices prior to going in and check your receipts after. This is just awful! Good luck...I hope everything works out but be very persistent.
  7. yeah...I will check my receipt every time from now on! thx for ur advise!
  8. That is scary! Hope that they can fix this for you. Even though it was 2 months ago, it's very possible that the SA remembers which you bought that day. My SA and the other SA's in the store remember what I buy. Please update and let us know what happens.
  9. What! Thats crazy I would definitely call! Check your CC to see if it was charged that
  10. What? That's crazy! The reality is that once they box up my purchase and give me the receipt in the LV receipt holder I never really look at it. I will from now on!
  11. this is awful. keep us posted!

  12. Do you still have your credit card statement showing what you paid for the bag? I would definitely call them now and talk to the SA who sold you the bag (the name should be on the receipt). LV keeps a record of all bags customers purchase, so I would first check if they have the correct bag in the system. If they do, they should easily replace your money. If they did in fact record it as a "noe bb epi citron" then their inventory report should have been off during that time and they should be able to trace it somehow I would think. Keep us posted.
  13. It's a sad day if LV doesn't make this right. Goodluck! I'm sure they'll do something for you.
  14. Any update?
  15. That is insane!!! Keep us updated!