Inclusion ring finally:)

  1. So last weekend I went to the Boca LV store to get the inclusion ring. I thought the ring was 180 but when the SA rang it up ( not my usual SA) it was 250 he said , something just did not feel right so I said I changed my mind and I left the store.
    Well I have been OBSSESSING all week over that ring , so today I went up to Boca and I had my usual SA ring up the ring and it was 200. Interesting huh? I also was so thrilled I got a mulit wappity case in black. I am thrilled..
    Now my question is does red nail polish clash with the tan / beige inclusion ring?
  2. Red nail polish goes with everything. It's a standard. Please show a pic of your ring. Congrats.
  3. Geez, I wonder if he entered the wrong number or something. You could have been out the extra $50. Yikes!
  4. please post pic's of your new purchases :smile: Congrat's.
  5. Soon as I can figure out how I will.. which I was more computer literate LOL
  6. Congrats!
  7. Congrats. Can't wait to view pics.