Inclusion bracelets & keychain

  1. Who else loves the inclusion jewelry? :heart: I really want the large bangle, but it's pretty expensive :shocked: Trying to be good :angel:

    Would the Speedy keychain look cute hanging from a bag? Not that I need anything else, I just got my panda cles and put it on my mandarin speedy (looks so cute!), but still... :shame:
  2. I like the inclusion items, although I don't have any of them. I think the inclusion Speedy would look good hanging on a bag.
  3. I have two inclusion bracelets - a black pm and a beige pm. I got them for Christmas - I love them :heart:
  4. I have the inclusion phone charm in black. Its so pretty! :heart: I would love to have the hair cubes too.
  5. Didn't LV also come out with a yellow and pink? I'd love the yellow :heart: The beige GM is so pretty, it's up on E-lux right now :graucho:
  6. Yep - the yellow and pink are discontinued now though - and the PM's were different. They were bigger than the current PM's, but smaller than the GM's - and they didn't have any LV monograms in them. I almost bought a pink - decided against it, then they went discontinued. So when the black and beige came out I didn't think twice! :P
  7. I looove the black PM inclusion, but it's kind of pricy for a piece of plastic with bronze leaves inside. Still, I wish I bought it when I saw it at the boutique !!
  8. Crap. I bet it would be so hard to find a yellow bracelet :sad:

    I guess I'm crazy, because I also want that black/white Chanel cuff, but I refuse to get one on eBay because I don't want to pay much over retail for it. But, the Speedy keychain is the same price :blink: Go figure.

    LL, your bracelets are beautiful. Thanks for the picture :smile:
  9. I heard that this collection is available on eluxury so hurry girls before it's discontinued
  10. ^^^ No prob :smile: I didn't wear them all through winter - but with this nice weather they are just so funky and summery! Problem is they're really big, and they fall off really easily unless you keep your hand partially open all the time lol.

    Are they still sold in stores? I wonder if new colors will come out!:love:
  11. The ring, bracelet and keychain are still up on E-Lux. I also saw the large beige bangle at LV in Palm Beach Gardens about a month ago :smile:
  12. I love the bracelets and of course the speedy too!
  13. I saw the bracelets and the ring this weekend!!! I love the ring!! I wanted to get it or the bracelet, except I had already done enough damage!
  14. You must have REALLY SMALL wrists:amazed:
    My wrists are small ...and They don't come close to falling off:blink: