In your opinion...What would be the best (most classic) piece to start new collection

  1. In your opinion...What would be the best (most classic) piece to start new collection

    I love so many of the bags and I go between the speedy and the trouville the most....It is an even harder decision when the price varies so much between the two... Also is damier less "copied"?
  2. Mono Speedy IMO, but you have to go with what you love! :flowers:
  3. a speedy or Keepall :smile: damier is good
  4. Speedy:yes: ....Damier seems less copied but I've seen fake damier Speedy:yucky:
  5. I find Epi line the most classic pieces from LV, but this is just me, I think they are elegant, easy to care and classic look.
    I do own one Damier and one Mono bag, they are nice as well, however Epi line is more discreet.
  6. So is keepall to big for a handbag to use everyday? I thought it was I mistaken?
  7. Keepall is really big, if you like that style I'd say speedy 30 or 35.
  8. heehee.. FOR SURE the keepall is too big for you to use as an everyday handbag! People may start to wonder what you're carrying around with you in there! :P

    I think the Speedy is most people's choice of first LV bag. My first LV bag was a Papillon and I LOVE it! My friend's first was a Pochette Twin GM, but that was a bit small so for her second she got a Croissant (the large one) and it looks great on her shoulder! I think both of us just went with the item that we'd been eyeing for a really long time instead of the "usual" or "norm" first LV bag, so I'm thinking you should browse around until one grabs your heart and catches your attention!

    Good luck with your choosing!
  9. I think it is interesting that even though the speedy is one of the less expensive bags it is still loved by so many!
  10. mono speedy, bucket or noe. I started with a keepall too, but since they are too big for everyday carrying I guess they are more in the luggage category.
  11. A mono or Damier Speedy is a great piece to start with!
  12. yah i definately agree with a mono or damier speedy!
  13. Mono speedy. I love my epi pieces, but no one knows they are LV. There are just times that I want people to know that I am carrying an LV classic.
  14. Speedy all the way!!! You can't go wrong with a speedy!
  15. I have to agree!!:yes: