In the mood to shop and bought some ...

  1. new Chanel sunnies and a Juicy Couture pair as well. I so wanted a pair like swanky's but they were sold out ... these looked good on me so I'm happy. Here's some pics of my new sunnies:
    DSC_0153.JPG DSC_0155.JPG DSC_0151.JPG DSC_0150.JPG DSC_0130.JPG DSC_0131.JPG
  2. Oooohh....I love your Chanel sunnies! They're really cute! I can't see that well on my monitor, are those rhinestones on the side?
  3. Love the Chanel's - congrats!
  4. Thanks guys!!

    honu - The CC's are in metal with little studs on it. I still want to buy another pair but I'm sure my DH will leave me soon if I do!:yes: :lol:
  5. Very Nice
  6. Love the Chanels! Chanel definatley makes the best sunglasses! Congrats
  7. I :heart: CHANEL shades I think they make the Fiercest shades. I love the CC's and the pair you bought are TRES HOT!! Congrats!
  8. i like the glasses!!
    very basic but so chic!!
    is it the 5102?
  9. ^Yes wannabelyn, it is a 5102. I really liked it because it was classic and understated ... it's a perfect complement to my grey reissue. But I still want a blingy pair of Chanel sunnies ... I'm so bad:graucho:
  10. Congrats!
  11. worth every single penny! i love blings :heart: i'm sure it'll look great on you so. thx to u now this is the only sunnies i want.
    YOU ARE BAD!!!
  12. 0o00o - summer!!! great eyewear! congrats!
  13. very chic
  14. Lovely!!! Congrats!
  15. Nice, asl!