In the Business Line

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  1. I've done a few searches to find info on the "In the Business" line Chanel did ... it seems like it was a limited season line? I'm familiar with the large flaps (Kyle has on on RHoBH), and the two sizes of totes. Can anyone share a little history about these bags, the colors & background?
  2. It was limited and pretty popular
  3. There isn't much history to it as it was a semi-classical, seasonal piece. I have the patent ITB flap personally. It was the first Chanel bag that I ever purchased. While I did like it very much at the time, I find myself just gravitating towards my Maxi and my NM Boy instead. I find that it slouches considerably more than the classic and it doesn't feel as durable. Nonetheless a great bag, but I am potentially considering letting mine go in the near future. Wish I had bought the red calfskin one instead