In Style Magazine

  1. I just finished reading the April issue of Instyle...its a GREAT one this month! Lots of great bags...and lots of hair and makeup stuff. I really enjoyed it this month! (no I do not work for the mag...) :smile: do check it out!
  2. Who is on the cover? i subscribed for the mag, but it hasn't arrived yet.
  3. Rebecca Romijn is on the cover. It's a great issue!
  4. ooh, I just got it in the mail... can't wait to read it! :smile:
  5. Yes, I have it, you are right it's a fab issue.
  6. I love InStyle, it's my monthly fashion bible. (I don't work for them either)
  7. I like instyle the only thing I could do without is how heavy it is. Ouch my wrist:blink:
  8. So do you ladies like Instyle more than Vogue?
  9. I do like InStyle more than Vogue but I read them all!
  10. I do prefer In Stlye over Vogue as sometimes Vogue has clothes that are just not reality to me. In style is more "real" to me. I also read them mail man always comments on the amount of catalogs, and mags I get! Its funny.
  11. Did you see the ad for Oil of Olay in all the different types of bags, with the catchphrase "always in style." I was thinking it would be fun to have PF members try to ID the bags and determine if they were real or fake or an "homage" of a certain design bag. Unfortunately, I don't have a way to scan the ad.

  12. Great issue, but I loved last month's even more with the accesories issue. I am still drooling over bags from that issue. I love In Style with all its clear pictures and prices right next to the items.
  13. ^^ditto
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