In search of the perfect loung/sweat pants

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  1. Hi ladies
    I am in search of a pair of pants in a lightweight fabric that I can wear as sweats, casual run around, exercise bike. Think dressy cropped sweatpants. I would love something in a high quality fabric like Pima cotton or silk and cotton. Loose but not huge.
  2. I am interested in suggestions for this as well!
  3. I got a couple of pairs from Lululemon last year they were fine knit w/ light weight terry on the inside to give the fabric some weight. Smooth drawstring waist & a good below knee length. Lululemon doesn't repeat but does do similar styles in season. So keep your eye on their site. I regularly run through one of there larger stores to check for new styles, if I see something similar This year I'll try to post it here. I want more myself, lived in last year two pairs.
  4. Try Patagonia Serenity pants/crops. Made with organic cotton and spandex, they keep their shape very well after washing. Love them.
  5. I've been eyeing these Lululemon ones. I also have a pair of NSF ones from last year that I really like. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1458344406.627108.jpg

  6. The pants I found last year fit like these but stopped below the knee with a top stitched hem. Got the first pair and after wearing them went back for another.

  7. That's exactly why I have an entire section of closet dedicated to Lulu...I have a pair of pants from 5 years ago that I love, and they only made them that season and I regretted not getting another pair. So now I end up buying like 5 of everything I find that I really like. ;)
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