in search of medium sized black camellia wallet!

  1. help! has anyone seen this wallet at bloomingdales? it's the one that retails for $545. any leads would be greatly appreciated :smile:
  2. NM has this wallet
  3. isnt it $650 for the large one and $615 for both small and medium?!

    Someone correct me if i'm wrong but thats what the price that my SA mentioned when i was about ordering from him though..

  4. btw i ordered mine from bloomies as well and apparently they only have med size ($615) and large ($650) in black only..
  5. I believe my SA told me the medium sized one is about $550 ish (Can't remember, but I know it was in the mid $500's). The long one is I believe $620ish. There's also the short one and then the CC holder. Just saw them again today.

    Chanel Ala Moana has the salmon, grey, and black Camellia wallets. Only in CC holder, long, and short though. No medium size. You can always do a charge send though.

    Style # is A36541Y04261 if you're looking to have an SA search for one for you. They're not super hard to find yet. I wouldn't wait long though, as the Camellia wallets are a seasonal item.
  6. Chanel in San Francisco had it as of yesterday. Good Luck!!
  7. I know for sure it's not sold out yet. I just got mine a few days ago for $545. The longer wallet had 8 cc slots and you can insert you bills unfolded. The medium that you're looking for is much more handy, but you will have to fold your bills. The Chanel boutique have all colors as mentioned above and also a denim blue. You can call the 800# if you're unable to locate it anywhere else. Good Luck! :smile:
  8. thanks for all the suggestions! you guys are awesome!:heart: