In search of fob/purse charm suggestions...

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  1. #1 Apr 8, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2016
    Hi, :wave:

    I had bought the eggplant Nomad awhile back. Was saving it for my birthday last week, so now it's time to break it out. I'd like to put a purse charm on it. Any suggestions?

    I like the leather tea roses, but they don't have any in silver hardware. How would the black look?

    What about the feather bag charms in petal, dahlia or black?

    Any neat new bag charms coming out?

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  2. I think black would look beautiful with this eggplant color. I bet the black feather would look really nice with it. I don't always match the hardware color of my bag and charm, but that's just me!
  3. Thanks for your input! I think black would look good too. :smile:
  4. So bummed. Went to my Coach store and they have no black feather fobs and they apparently aren't available anymore. The SAs and I agreed that the black tea rose did not look good - it looked dark and blah. The ivory one looked pretty, but I want silver hardware. The petal feather would look good (they didn't have it in stock but they had other petal items to hold against the eggplant) but I'm not sure I'd use it on other bags.

    What would you do?
    • try and find the black feather someplace else (although after seeing the black tea rose against the eggplant, I'm wondering if the black feather would look blah too)
    • go for the petal even if I never use it on another bag
    • wait for something else
    • or forget about it, just use the bag without a charm
  5. I don't think it needs a charm....but....have you looked at the tea rose charm? Online it shows it with more gold colored hardware which is wrong, it's more silvery and very pretty! I have it. 😊 Or how about a dinosaur? The other thing you can do is look on ebay. There is a lot of great Coach charms on there and with good prices!!
  6. Quick ebay's just a few. None of these are my auction.

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  7. Hi Hobbsy,

    I do remember liking the tea rose charm, although they didn't have it yesterday. While I liked it, I do question how that brushed nickel color (or whatever it is) would look with the shiny silver.

    Not really a fan of the dinosaurs. While they are neat, they are not me. Giraffes or sea turtles on the other hand....

    I love the ebay examples you posted! I have never bought anything off of ebay before though so am leery. I know there are fakes out there. I feel so inexperienced, I don't want to get ripped off. But, I will take a look. Thanks!!
  8. I'm leery of buying bags off ebay but I have purchased charms before with no problem so I know how you feel. Here us a quick shot of the tea rose charm next to a silver charm.

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  9. Thank you! You are so helpful. I'm going to consider that tea rose, but will browse ebay before I make up my mind. :biggrin:
  10. #10 Apr 12, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2016
    If you were incredibly lucky and managed to find one of the Penelope Flower charms at a reasonable price, I think at least three out of the four styles would be stunning on that bag.

    Here's a post showing all 4, scroll down just a bit:

    Here are the numbers, in order:

    92466 Daffodil
    92467 Calla Lily
    92468 Fucshia
    92469 Water Lily

    You'd have to measure whatever piece of hardware you'd be clipping it through since the clip opening is only about 1/4th of an inch, max.

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  11. Those are gorgeous! I'm going to have to look later and see if I can find any. Thanks so much for the info and taking the time to post links/pics!
  12. Oh my. That's so pretty! In spite of the price, I'm tempted but unsure of how it'd look against the eggplant. It could be striking or it could clash. Also wonder what the length is. Thanks for the link!
  13. The Penelope Flower charms are all about 7 inches end to end, so you need a fairly large bag for them to work well.