In search of an enabler

  1. Wow. I saw something great in the secondary market, and I really want it even though it makes no sense for my lifestyle and I probably won't use it all that much, but it's gorgeous.

    I'd say what it is, except that I don't want anyone else to grab it, until I decide not to. But I really want to get it, even though I can't justify it.

    I kinda feel like a teenage nutjob when it comes to this bag. What do I do?
  2. Go get it!!! You deserve it..
  3. Been there, bought it, had no regrets.
  4. GET IT COCO-NUT!!! You totally deserve it!!!
  5. Coco, if you need help, pm me. I'm NOT buying for a long time and will give you an honest opinion.

    GT (enabler extraordinaire)
  6. If your heart is beating so fast everytime you see it, grab it!
  7. This is so true!!! LOL!!!:P:flowers:
  8. You can PM me too if you want, I'm not buying for a while ... I'm into other things lately :yes: :lol:
  9. Hahahah. I'm not sure I deserve it at all! I've gotten three bags in the past three months (ok, two were "beginner's bags" and I did give my mother the Kelly yesterday.)

    I've got a ton of stuff to eBay, that's what I should be doing before I buy new bags...but if I wait, it'll be gone!

    But keep the encouragement up, I'm really close to caving.
  10. I read your post about your mother, it brought tears to my eyes as I had a similar experience with my grandmother. If anyone deserves it it's you for being a loving daughter :flowers:
  11. You deserve it! You gave your mom the Kelly yesterday!!
  12. You definitely deserve it!!!! :yes: Get it! Plus now the curiosity is killing me and I want to know what it is so go get it! :graucho:
  13. You gotta snag Hermes while it's hot because it may never show up again....:smile:
  14. Pleeeese get it ,cant wait to see what it is !!!! have a idea but maybe i am wrong!!!!!!! Ps Am not buying as am of to france sat!:smile:
  15. get it get it get it get it get it get it get it get it get it