in search for the PERFECT 1st chanel bag

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  1. yeahh i have only one gucci bag, and my bday passed and ive been searching for the perfect bagg for sooo long so that is going to be his bday present for me. hes giving me a 1000 dollar budget soo ive been lookingg. and gucci and louis vuitton seem to common for me cause it seems like everyone around me has it.. so ive set my heart on a CHANEL! =) whoh:huh:oo i just dont know how you ladies do it though, it is SUCH a BIG BIG investment so im thinking veryy long and hard to see if its worth it. and i guess ive set my mind that it is

    so i have a couple questions!

    where can i get a chanel purse? just neiman, the boutique and Saks?

    i went to frisco this weekend and i just looked at the ones in neiman and the boutique. i didnt stop by Saks because i didnt know they have it. but do they they all have the same stuff? cause the boutique and nieman pratically have all of the same purses and i didnt see much of a variety =/ and is there like a catalog you can order from too?

    and IS IT truee that you dont get tax?

    well ive set my eyes on one of the purse. its 1750 so im thinking long and hard if its worth it. cause i could probally buy one gucci and one lv purses with that price haha. its too bad i looked everywhere online but i cant find a picture to ask for anyone opinion =[ but its a like a rectangle box bag in a bronze color. hahaha if u know wth im talking about then let me know what you thinkk.

    thanks ladiesss
  2. Maybe you were looking at the petit shopping tote? You can look in the reference forum to confirm. It's a classic and a good first chanel choice.
  3. nuh uh its similar to the luxury bowler
  4. is it the cotton club tote?
    i dont think it is $1750 tho....
  5. is it the cotton club bowler? it's post 4 in the reference library under cotton club ligne.
  6. I think a cotton club bowler is perfect!
  7. lol you guys are GOOD. yess it is the cotten club bowler in bronze, but i feel the shape is a little too boxy for me =/ im thinking about the luxury bowler.. but thats like another 400 somethingg more. OI =[ what to do.. =/

    soo is it true that you dont have to pay tax for ur chanel purse??

    and does Saks, neiman and the boutique carry the same selection of purses?

    thankss guys
  8. It'll be hard to find the luxury bowler. I think there will be new ones releasing but the price will increase. Not sure.

    Depends where you are...there's no way out of it in Canada. I've heard ppl dont pay tax at nm.

    Each store orders slightly different stock and quantities.
  9. o0o ok.. thankss swtie =) i heard you dont have to pay tax at the boutique too but im not sure. but if i wanted to get a luxury bowlerr where can i find one? =/ i heard some people ask their SA to find it right? u can do that?
  10. If you go to a dept. store or boutique and buy it there you will be charged your state tax.

    Tax waivers are done with charge send from Saks stores only and it varies by store. Neimans will charge you your state tax even if you order over the phone from a different store. Sometimes you can get around the tax by having the order sent as a gift to a different address (your BF's if you live at different residences) but it really depends on the s/a ringing the sale. Some will do it, some refuse.

    For your first purchase it is best to pick it out in person, inspect the bag and ensure you're happy with it so I'd pay the taxes.