In regards to the shoe's..

  1. I wanted to share with you the CUTIEST DARN sandals I have bought in a while :okay:

    ANAMARIA Khaki Wedge , they fit so nice and look great, I can't wait till Spring.

    AND here's my Carly that came in the mail Monday. I love her!!!!:woohoo:


  2. very cute!!! where did you get the shoes from??
  3. Those shoes are cute!!!!!!!:drool:
  4. They are so cute!! Congrats :smile:
  5. what are they called and what style #? so cute!!!
  6. those shoes are darling! And I love the Carly! Congrats! :tup:
  7. "ANAMARIA" Khaki Wedge and I don't know the style #, sorry
  8. very cute!
  9. Wow, those ARE cute! Love the bag with the cute scarf as well! Congrats!
  10. Lucky you that is such a great bag... and does sandals are TDF. Well when you do wear them make sure to take some modeling pics :okay:...
  11. Those are really adorable!!!!
  12. OMG, I have these, and they ARE cute but KILLLLLLL my feet....:cursing: You are so lucky you can wear them!!
  13. My Marshalls has those shoes for $99.99. I think I need a pair, especially since I have the matching swingpack! ;)