In Keeping your LV bags..

  1. Hi! I'm such a newbie when it comes to LV so I want to ask this question.. I have no time to search over the threads because I'm at work at the moment.. Sorry.. I want to ask how do you keep your LV bags?? I noticed that LV's leathers can be folded... Should I fold my bags when I keep it inside the dustbag? We have such a small apartment here in hong kong and the space is limited as well.. Is it ok if I fold them? Or should I stuff some papers inside like what I usually do with my Chanels? i have the BH, Ursula and Hudson PM at the moment.. TIA!
  2. I think you need to stuff your LV with tissue. I stuff mine with tons of tissue and bubble wrap as well. I like to keep the shape.


    ps. YOu are in Hong Kong...awsome. I always want to go there.
  3. I stuff all my larger LVs with the plastic air bags that Elux sends me. I like to maintain their shape when in storage. The only bags I don't store like that are the flat Limelight and the Denim Baggy GM. These live in the flat boxes they came in. I live in a humid climate, and even though they are in AC 24/7, they get creased when not stuffed. Hope this helps !!

    p.s. your baby is adorable !!:love:
  4. stuff them! if they're creased for too long they might crack.
  5. I keep my canvas ones stuffed. I don't stuff my denim ones.
  6. I stuff all my bags!!!! And I keep them in the dust bags
  7. Wow! Thanks guys! I will definitely stuff my lvs as well! Thanks! :biggrin:

  8. I stuff mine with tissue paper and keep them in their respective dust bags. It helps keep their shape.
  9. Stuff the bags with tissue or old t shirts and keep them in the dustbag.
  10. ^LOL.. I have no more tissues at home so i stuff my White MC Ursula with unused towels. LOL!