In Hong Kong Consignment shops today...

  1. I wrote in another thread about the few consignments shops around Times Square at Causeway Bay, I went there today and saw these, if you are heading that way you could check them out:

    At France Station, there is a 2nd hand Anniversary Grey Reissue 227 selling at HKD23800 (ard USD3050), it's slightly used but I think it's in quite good condition (I know I know, some of you might be wondering why I am not buying it.... it's my HG.... heheee.... mine is on the way from the US...WOW), in the same shop there is also a like new 227 dark silver.

    At Euro Station (behind Lee Gardens) I saw a brand new black baby cabas (the first batch) selling at HKD26900 (ard USD3400, outrageous!), in the same shop I saw a vintage black lamb XL flap, just like Nicole Richie's, at HKD13900 (ard USD1750), it's in like new condition, very tempting, this is the first time I saw it IRL and tried on, it's quite heavy.

    At Milan station, I saw a used Anniversary WhiteWhite reissue 227 (quite used and dirty) the price tag is ard HKD16000 (USD2000), there are also brand new orange croc flap, grey jersey reissue. oh yes, there's also a small (12") bowler in white, used, selling at HKD13000 (USD1645)... I was tempted to take this one... but didn't...... I am on serious purse ban I could only browse..

    As you can see, prices in these shops are outrageously high, so please make sure you really can't find the bags you want in the dept stores and Chanel boutiques before you buy from them, and also bring a few authen. tips with you and do some research on the bags you like before you go, it should be helpful.

    In case you didn't see the other thread that I posted, the 4 consigment shops around Times Square are Milan Station, France Station, Euro Station and VIP Station, they are all located around Percival Street, Pak Sha Road and Lan Fong Road.
  2. IceEarl, Can I sell my bags to these stores?
  3. You could bring you bags to the shop for their evaluation, the prices will very much depend on demand and supply, if they are off-season models, I must warn you the prices are low, usually not even 50% of the original price...
  4. thanks for the info!! i'm headed to hk tomorrow and i've been looking for the jumbo XL flap.. so tempting! did it look real tho? i'm not that great at authenticating yet..
  5. Thanks for posting! I hope i'm in HK, anyway the price is really outrageous, the grey reissue is selling at USD3050.....*LOL*
  6. I am no expert too... but it does look real to me...
  7. I so regret not checking out the Chanels in the consignment shops while I was there...As far as I know, the "Stations" are legit.
  8. I think there are actually two Milan Stations in Causeway Bay. One is more focused on clothing/shoes though.
  9. you have to stretch your luck a little bit, most of them are authentic items but there are lots of stories telling that they sold fake bags...
    also they had policy that whatever you buy, you can trade in within 3 months and refund you 70% of the purchased value, so that you can keep on change bags... seems like a good system for anyone who likes to show off instead really appreciate these luxurious bags.... therefore I had never and had np plan to buy anything there....
    another thing for selling: I brought one vintage Prada doctor bags there, about 2 season old, they only accept it for HK400 (US$55); that price is insulting so I decided to sell on eBay; and it went for US$140 :smile:
  10. Thanks for the update Iceearl! :flowers:
  11. Fabbo update, IceEarl!

    I seldom venture to CWB - more a MK person myself :wtf: and the Chanel collection at the MK Milan Station never excites me. But then I guess MK is more a Gucci and LV place than a Chanel place.

    Agree with pretty99 about the strange behaviour pattern of some of the HK girls. I can never understand the idea of only carrying a bag for two weeks and then trade-in for another one. I guess this must be part of the fast-food culture here.

    Like you, I really like to enjoy my bags. I love my 2.55 to death and cannot imagine parting with it. It's not even one of those limited editions, just a plain jane black 2.55.
  12. IceEarl & Mlffy! Nice to meet you here in the forum! I guess we can share more shopping tips between us as we all located in HK, right?!!!:graucho:
  13. Congrats IceEarl on getting the grey anniversary reissue, finally. How did you manage to find one!?!?

    I totally agree that the consignment shops overcharge...especially on the "new" items...I saw a vinyl cabas in central milan station once that they were selling for like HK$26,000!
  14. Indeed, Emmy. We can certainly start a little HK (Shopping) Chanel club and swap tips etc, like what the UK ladies have done.
  15. thank you girls for all your tips :smile: especially iceearl for scoping it out for us! i'm going to go down and check on that jumbo xl reissue!