In case you'd like to see Vert Thyme with GH....

  1. Another pic from the lovely and delightful Daphne. Is that a Part Time with the GSH? If so, I am so in trouble....
    ghvertthyme resized.JPG
  2. Thank you for posting these. It does look like a pretty sage green. I might want this in a Day bag with regular hardware if she can find one with yummy leather. Daphne and my Mom were discussing my list for the new season. Daphne said so many IFS. :roflmfao:IF the leather is nice, IF the color is vivid, IF this IF that..... I know that she thinks I am a PITA but I want it all when I get a Bbag.:p
  3. k, now I'm kinda in :heart:
  4. I like it with Silver now.:nuts:
  5. oh my god, thanks for posting!! i love this color with the giant hardware.. soo gorgeous!!
    i think i might need the envelope clutch in this color!!

    what an extremely expensive season. i wasn't even considering this color until i saw these pictures!!
  6. [​IMG]

    WOWZER!! They both look so nice!!!!
  7. Omg! Vert Thyme with Silver GH is gorgeous!!! I sooo need one.
  8. thanks for posting the GH pics! I like the vert thyme better with GH vs. RH!
  9. Isn't it amazing what a big difference to the leather color and aura the hardware makes? :girlsigh: Both are gorgeous. :love: Thanks for posting aerynna.:flowers:
  10. Very nice, I like 'em both ... thanks for sharing!
  11. I like them both, leaning to silver. BAL we need another style. I hate but the same style in so many different colors.
  12. it looks beautiful with the silver!
  13. wow. Its REEEEEEEALLY nice in silver....
  14. :huh:Oh how PURRTTYY!!! Must resist... must resist....:lecture:
  15. look really nice in silver!!!!